Open Access Publications

This page gives an overview of SystemC articles and papers published under Open Access, Public Domain or Creative Commons license.

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Title Author(s) Conference or Journal Publisher
Equivalence Checking of System-Level and SPICE-Level Models of Linear Circuits Kemal Çağlar Coşkun; Muhammad Hassan; Rolf Drechsler Chips Open Access Journal MDPI
DRAMSys4.0: An Open-Source Simulation Framework for In-depth DRAM Analyses Lukas Steiner; Matthias Jung; Felipe S. Prado; Kirill Bykov; Norbert Wehn International Journal of Parallel Programming Springer Link
AMAIX In-Depth: A Generic Analytical Model for Deep Learning Accelerators Niko ZurStassen; Lukas Jünger; Tim Kogel; Holger Keding; Rainer Leupers International Journal of Parallel Programming Springer Link
Simulating Neural Network Processors Jian Hu; Xianlong Zhang; Xiaohua Shi Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Hindawi
SymEx-VP: An open source virtual prototype for OS-agnostic concolic testing of IoT firmware Sören Tempel; Vladimir Herdt; Rolf Drechsler Journal of Systems Architecture Elsevier / ScienceDirect
Advanced virtual prototyping for cyber-physical systems using RISC-V: implementation, verification and challenges Vladimir Herdt; Rolf Drechsler Science China Information Sciences Springer Link
A Service-Oriented Component-Based Framework for Dynamic Reconfiguration Modeling Targeting SystemC/TLM Khaled Allem; El-Bay Bourennane; Youcef Khelfaoui International Journal of Reconfigurable Computing Hindawi
RISC-V Virtual Platform-Based Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator Implemented in SystemC Seung-Ho Lim; WoonSik William Suh; Jin-Young Kim; Sang-Young Cho Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems (AICAS) MDPI
Cosimulation of Power and Temperature Models at the SystemC/TLM for a Soft-Core Processor Abdelhakim Alali; Mohamed Sadik; Kaoutar Aamali Advances in Materials Science and Engineering Hindawi
Pushing the Limits of Parallel Discrete Event Simulation for SystemC Rainer Dömer; Zhongqi Cheng; Daniel Mendoza; Emad Arasteh A Journey of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Springer Link
Standard-compliant Parallel SystemC simulation of Loosely-Timed Transaction Level Models Gabriel Busnot; Tanguy Sassolas; Nicolas Ventroux; Matthieu Moy Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference HAL
Automation of Dynamic Power Management in FPGA-Based Energy-Constrained Systems Michal Škuta; Dominik Macko; Katarína Jelemenská IEEE Journal Article Volume 8 IEEE
SystemC hardware in the loop simulation scheme Hongyun Zheng; Xianghu Wu; Yongchao Tao IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Volume 768 IOP Science
A SystemC-AMS Framework for the Design and Simulation of Energy Management in Electric Vehicles Yukai Chen; Donkyu Baek; Jaemin Kim; Santa Di Cataldo;Naehyuck Chang; Enrico Macii; Sara Vinco; Massimo Poncino IEEE Journal Article, Volume 7 IEEE