SystemC Configuration, Control and Inspection (CCI)

The SystemC Configuration, Control and Inspection (CCI) standard enables greater interoperability of SystemC models within the SystemC ecosystem. It allows tools and models to work together to provide valuable user-level capabilities. The first phase of this standard addresses model configuration. The roadmap includes checkpointing and register introspection.

The SystemC CCI Working Group addressed several key concerns while defining the CCI 1.0 standard. Of critical importance is the ability to interact with tools for which a portable value representation has been provided, along with information about configuration parameters, including a description and flexible metadata. Among the fundamental features in the standard are avoiding name clashes with elements of the SystemC object hierarchy, looking up and accessing configuration parameters, restricting access to parameters, preloading configuration settings, callbacks for parameter creation/destruction as well as value access, traceability of parameter value updates, and support for user-defined parameter value types