SystemC Education

This page gives an overview of the available education and university programs teaching SystemC.

Please let us know if a universiry or institute is missing or needs update.

University Country Department Lectures
Carinthia University of Applied Sciences Austria Integrated Systems and Circuit Design (ISCD) System Modelling and Verification - Analog,
System Modelling and Verification - Digital, System-on-Chip Architectures
Colorado State University USA Embedded, High Performance, and Intelligent Computing (EPIC) Hardware/Software Design of Embedded Systems
Grenoble Alpes University France Grenoble INP Ensimag Transaction Level Modeling in SystemC
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Institute for Complex Systems (ICS) Virtual Prototyping/SystemC
RWTH Aachen University Germany Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Computer Science 3
Sorbonne University France LIP6 / CIAN - Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit
Texas A&M University USA Electrical & Computer Engineering Advanced Digital System Design
Technical University Chemnitz Germany Faculty Electrical Engineering and Information Technology / Circuit and System Design Design of Digital Systems
Technical University Delft Netherlands Microelectronics / Circuits and Systems Group VLSI Systems on Chip
Technical University Dresden Germany Institute of Computer Engineering Hardware Modeling and Simulation
Technical University Kaiserslautern Germany Computer Science / Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Prototyping and HW/SW Co-Design
Technical University Munich Germany Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering SystemC Lab
Ulm University Germany Institute of Microelectronics Electronic System Design using C and SystemC
University of California, Irvine USA Center for Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems (CECS) Embedded Systems Modeling and Design
University of Texas, Austin USA System-Level Architecture and Modeling Group Embedded System Design and Modeling
University of Southampton UK Electronics and Computer Science Digital Systems Synthesis