SystemC Education

This page gives an overview of the available education and university programs teaching SystemC.

Please let us know if a universiry or institute is missing or needs update.

University Country Department Lectures
Grenoble Alpes University France Grenoble INP Ensimag Transaction Level Modeling in SystemC
Johannes Kepler University Linz Austria Institute for Complex Systems (ICS) Virtual Prototyping/SystemC
RWTH Aachen University Germany Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Computer Science 3
Sorbonne University France LIP6 / CIAN - Analog and Digital Integrated Circuit
Texas A&M University USA Electrical & Computer Engineering Advanced Digital System Design
Technical University Chemnitz Germany Faculty Electrical Engineering and Information Technology / Circuit and System Design Design of Digital Systems
Technical University Delft Netherlands Microelectronics / Circuits and Systems Group VLSI Systems on Chip
Technical University Dresden Germany Institute of Computer Engineering Hardware Modeling and Simulation
Technical University Kaiserslautern Germany Computer Science / Cyber-Physical Systems Virtual Prototyping and HW/SW Co-Design
Technical University Munich Germany Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering SystemC Lab
Ulm University Germany Institute of Microelectronics Electronic System Design using C and SystemC
University of California, Irvine USA Center for Embedded and Cyber-physical Systems (CECS) Embedded Systems Modeling and Design
University of Texas, Austin USA System-Level Architecture and Modeling Group Embedded System Design and Modeling
University of Southampton UK Electronics and Computer Science Digital Systems Synthesis