SystemC Evolution Fika - 12 September 2023

Workshop on the Evolution of SystemC Standards

The SystemC Evolution Fika is a series of online workshops to discuss the latest SystemC developments and applications. We refer to these workshops as fikas, to honor the fika tradition of sharing a coffee, slowing down a bit, and talking about things that we care about.

Organization Team

  • Martin Barnasconi, NXP
  • Jerome Cornet, STMicroelectronics
  • Mark Burton, Qualcomm
  • Peter de Jager, Intel


Time (CEST)       Title Presenter(s) Affiliation(s)
16:00 - 16:10 Welcome & Introduction
Presentation | Video
Mark Burton1,
Martin Barnasconi2
16:10 - 16:40 SystemC IEEE 1666 update
Presentation | Video
Jérôme Cornet STMicroelectronics, IEEE P1666 Chair
16:40 - 17:10 Tracing in SystemC
Presentation 1 | Video 1
Presentation 2 | Video 2
Lukas Jünger1,
Eyck Jentzsch2, Rocco Jonack2
1MachineWare GmbH,
2MINRES Technologies


SystemC IEEE 1666 update

Presenter: Jérôme Cornet, STMicroelectronics, IEEE P1666 Chair

The next revision of IEEE 1666 SystemC is coming! It builds on enhancements and features contributed by the SystemC community during the last decade through the Accellera SystemC Language Working Group. This session will present some of the features of the upcoming revision, which modernize the language and enable new use cases.

Tracing in SystemC

Presenters: Lukas Jünger, MachineWare GmbH; Eyck Jentzsch, Rocco Jonack, MINRES Technologies

The proper capture, storage, and visualization of simulation data, encompassing simulation results, traces, and meta-information, represent essential requirements for nearly all SystemC users. However, the absence of a vendor-independent, open standard has thus far impeded the seamless integration of SystemC models into complex virtual platforms, as it prevents a unified solution especially for simulation result analysis. This presentation proposes a solution to address this challenge. By establishing a standardized approach to capture and store simulation data, we aim to enable unified visualization and analysis. This advancement will unite the capabilities of diverse SystemC models within a coherent framework, fostering a more streamlined and efficient simulation experience for all users.

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