SystemC Books

Enhanced Virtual Prototyping

Featuring RISC-V Case Studies

Authors: Vladimir Herdt, Daniel Große, Rolf Drechsler
Published: 2021
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3-030-54828-5 (eBook), 978-3-030-54830-8 (Softcover Book), 978-3-030-54827-8 (Hardcover Book)

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Automated Analysis of Virtual Prototypes at the Electronic System Level

Design Understanding and Applications

Authors: Mehran Goli, Rolf Drechsler
Published: 2020
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3-030-44282-8 (eBook), 978-3-030-44284-2 (Softcover Book), 978-3-030-44281-1 (Hardcover Book)

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Complete Symbolic Simulation of SystemC Models

Efficient Formal Verification of Finite Non-Terminating Programs

Author: Vladimir Herdt
Published: 2016
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-3-658-12680-3 (eBook), 978-3-658-12679-7 (Softcover Book)

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SystemC From Ground Up (2nd Edition)

Authors: David Black, Jack Donovan, Bill Bunton, Anna Keist
Published: 2009
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-0-387-69958-5 (eBook), 978-1-4899-8266-7 (Softcover Book), 978-0-387-69957-8 (Hardcover Book)

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Transaction Level Modeling with SystemC

TLM Concepts and Applications for Embedded Systems

Author: Frank Ghenassia
Published: 2005
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-0-387-26233-8 (eBook), 978-1-4419-3875-6 (Softcover Book), 978-0-387-26232-1 (Hardcover Book)

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Advanced Verification Techniques: A SystemC Based Approach for Successful Tapeout

Authors: Leena Singh, Leonard Drucker, Neyaz Khan
Published: 2004
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-1-4020-8029-6 (eBook), 978-1-4419-5409-1 (Softcover Book), 978-1-4020-7672-5 (Hardcover Book)

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SystemC Methodologies and Applications

Authors: Wolfgang Müller, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Jürgen Ruf
Published: 2003
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-0-306-48735-4 (eBook), 978-1-4419-5361-2 (Softcover Book), 978-1-4020-7479-0 (Hardcover Book)

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System Design with SystemC

Authors: Thorsten Grötker, Grant Martin, Stan Liao, Stuart Swan
Published: 2002
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 978-0-306-47652-5 (eBook), 978-1-4419-5285-1 (Softcover Book), 978-1-4020-7072-3 (Hardcover Book)

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